Why Dash???


Myth - Idaho Dash Only has 1 Coach

Fact - Idaho Dash has a staff of 6 Coaches with experience in all disciplines of Track and Field.  As a member of USATF it is a requirement for all Coaches to pass a Background check and Safesport Class.  Not all clubs do this with their coaches.  All of our coaches are USATF Level 1 Coaching certified currently or will be by November.  It is important to us, that as the athletes strive to get better, we as coaches must also get better.

Part of our philosophy is to continue to educate ourselves.  Coaches are encouraged to attend classes and clinics as often as possible.    

Cost vs. Value

Myth - Idaho Dash Is Too Expensive

Fact - While Idaho Dash may cost a little more than other local clubs, we offer things that the others don't.

  • Our Seasons start well before other clubs in the area.
  • We Practice 5 to 6 days a week while other clubs practice only 2 to 4 days a week
  • We incorporate a full weight training program with our running program
  • While Coach Honell has an extensive background in Weight Training, he consults with a CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) regularly to make sure the athletes are getting the best programing available for Track and Field athletes.
  • The workouts aren't just thrown together on the way to practice.  There is a "process" to our training and we evaluate practices on a daily, weekly, seasonal basis and make small tweaks to allow the athletes the best chance to compete at their optimal level.
  • We also like to travel outside of the area so the athletes will see better competition to better prepare them for the National meets.
  • Remember....you get what you pay for.

We Coach All Events

Myth - Idaho Dash doesn't coach Combined Events (Pentathlon/Heptathlon/Decathlon)

Fact - Idaho Dash has had 3 All- Americans  and a Top 10 finish the last 2 years at the USATF National Junior Olympics in the Heptathlon and Decathlon.   Since starting the Dash, we have had 7 Region 11 Champions and 2 Runner ups in the Combined Events.

Myth #2 - Idaho Dash Doesn't have a Hurdle Coach

Fact - We do have a hurdle coach that works with the athletes.  We do practice hurdles and work on both form and technique.  We also believe that if you are slow between the hurdles, it doesn't matter how good your form is, you still will be slow.  We incorporate speed training into our hurdle work, which is a lot different than most hurdlers that come to us are used to.  Andre Jones, a long time Dash member now competes in college and  represented the Idaho Dash in the USATF Junior (U20) Outdoor National Championships last summer and finished 10th in the 400 Hurdles.  Also, the girls 4A 100 hurdle champ and the 5A 300 hurdle champ are Dash members.

We Love to Develop Athletes

As a coach, there is nothing more satisfying to see the growth of an athlete because of their hard work.  We want to work with athletes of all ability levels....not just the superstars.  We have said this from the beginning....We would rather work with someone that has a great attitude, is a great teammate, and works hard to get better than to work with an already great athlete that isn't a good teammate and doesn't work hard.  We treat all of our athletes with the same respect and love, no matter what their ability level.

When we travel....we travel as a team.  This creates a family environment that I don't think any of us would trade away.